I work in non-clinical practice; how do I complete the annual Reviewing Performance requirement?

Medical practitioners may work in a range of non-clinical professional areas, including management, administration, policy, teaching and research and as such Reviewing Performance activities may be carried out across multiple domains of clinical and non-clinical performance.

Informal or formal practice review of individuals or groups of doctors with feedback based on actual work processes. This includes activities where doctors are reviewing, reflecting and learning about their practice with colleagues, peers, co-workers and/or patients. Peer review may also include processes that accredited providers or employers may advise or mandate. The timing and frequency of undertaking certain CPD activities may vary.

Additional resources can be located on the CPD Program Resources page on the Educational Resources site.

Reviewing Performance Activities (≥ 25 hours combined Reviewing Performance and Measuring Outcomes activities annually including a ≥ 5 hours Reviewing Performance specific activities)
Peer review of Performance
Balint Group
Direct Observation as a reviewer or reviewee
Structured Conversation
Regular Practice Reviews (RPR) as a Reviewee
Peer review of Medical Records
Joint review of cases
Peer review of cases - Retrospective or Active
Presenting own case for peer review
Peer review of Educational Activities
Educational Activities i.e. peer reviews you deliver educational activity and provides you with feedback
Performance Reviews
Regular Practice Reviews (RPR) as a reviewer
Peer review of journal articles
As an author of a journal articles i.e. other people provide you with feedback
Multi-source feedback; performance appraisal
Multi-source feedback  
Review of Non-clinical guideline
Non-Clinical guideline development & implementation
Reflection on Professional Outcomes
CPD Plan preparations
CPD Plan review and reflection
Professional Development Plan - Goal setting
Strategic planning
Peer discussion of cases, critical incidents, safety and quality reviews
Complaint review
Medical college committee meeting
Professional organisation committee meeting
Team debrief session
Multi-source feedback; performance appraisal
Multi-source feedback