I work in non-clinical practice; how do I complete the annual Measuring Outcomes requirement?

Activities in this category are undertaken with the aim of reviewing and improving organisational practice within an individual, workplace or wider context. Outcome measures may centre on the individual’s practice, as in a professional practice review, the workplace, as in routine monitoring through regular M&M meetings, or through projects designed to investigate broader aspects of Emergency Medicine and to promote practice improvement and enhanced patient outcomes.

This is a quality improvement process that includes review (internal or external) of a doctor’s everyday work and resultant patient/health outcomes. The doctor can then analyse, reflect on and use the information gathered to develop their practice and identify professional development needs, with a view to improving patient care and health outcomes.
Activities in this category may include:

Measuring Outcomes (≥ 25 hours combined Measuring Outcomes and Reviewing Performance activities annually including a ≥ 5 hours Measuring Outcomes specific activities)
Review of data
Individual/team and comparative data
Benchmark performance against data sets
Peer discussions
Cases, critical incidents, safety & quality reviews
Patient Flow
Review of medical record
Documentation and Communication
Peer review of performance
Quality improvements and Root Cause Analysis
Publishing data

Additional resources can be located on the CPD Program Resources page on the Educational Resources site.